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Non-Medical Home Care

Discover how Elderforce can assist you to get more out of life

The caring employees of Elderforce provide the specific personal services necessary to make your daily living more carefree, enjoyable, and rewarding. Elderforce becomes your extended family, providing a coordinated, comprehensive and personalized program of services. We understand that the individual needs of the elderly greatly vary. Our staff can help to take the complexity out of ever increasing decisions placed on older adults and their families. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of in-home care and support services designed to address each one of our clients’ unique needs. Our dedicated professionals work with individuals and their families in a cooperative effort to establish the best plan of care to meet individual needs, delivered wherever care is needed.

  • - Personal Residence
  • - Independent Living Community
  • - Assisted Living Community
  • - Hospital (pre and post operative)
  • - Rehabilitation Center, Acute Care, or Nursing Home (one on one supervision)
  • - Hospice Care
  • - Special Events and Family Outings

Homemaking Services

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For safety reasons, our caregiver will supervise and provide guidance to the client’s grooming routine to ensure that proper hygiene is being completed.

Our staff is happy to prepare a hot or cold, delicious, nutritious meal.

Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms sinks, showers, tubs and toilet, cleaning kitchens, sinks, countertops, taking out the trash, straightening up all rooms, assist with organizing closets and drawers. All cleaning supplies must be provided by the client.

Our caregivers will separate the white and dark clothing, change bed linens, as often as requested by client or family members. Please be sure to provide laundry soap and coins if needed.

Caregivers will shop with or without the client accompanying them. We encourage our clients to go to stores in a close proximity to home due to the high cost of gas. We also would like to try to get all the errands completed in the same day if possible so their time can be used efficiently.

We can provide assistance so you can run errands, go shopping or the movies, etc. and know that your loved one is home safe with supervision.

Trips to doctor appointments, day surgery, hairdressers, mall walking (for exercise), etc.

Although our caregivers cannot administer medications they can assist the individual with opening a pre poured medication container. Making certain that they are taking their medications at the time they are due.

Whether it is cards, board games, puzzles, having a meal together or a walk outside, our caregivers can help our clients stay active in mind, body and spirit.

Our caregivers can provide comfort and companionship to an individual during their stay in the hospital or facility. It is a nice way to have moral support when a family member cannot be there.

Our caregivers can escort your loved one to an event so you can enjoy the festivities knowing they are being cared for.

Personal Care Services (Home Health Aide)

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Our certified, trained staff can assist the client into the shower, washing areas that cannot be reached or even a sponge bath on days we just can’t get out of bed.

Our staff assist in moving a client from their bed into a wheelchair or bedside chair into a correct posture position. It is important to ensure proper positioning in order to eliminate pressure areas on the skin, reducing atrophy and stiffening of muscles, encourages proper breathing, digestion, and elimination.

Our caregivers understand the sensitivity of this situation and approaches to care for individuals who need assistance and maintaining proper hygiene in prevention of skin breakdown. Assisting the client into the bathroom and guiding them onto and off the toilet or commode.

Assisting the client into the bathroom and guiding them onto and off the toilet or commode.

Our caregivers can assist the client with putting on Teds stockings, undergarments, clothing and footwear.

Our caregivers can prepare a meal that is tailored to the need of the individual (pureed or specialized diet) and assist with oral feeding.

Our caregivers will monitor and encourage food and liquid consumption per the request of the family or doctor. All intake will be documented.

Assist the client in performing gentle exercises to maintain joint flexibility.

Assist the client in safe transfers and ambulation with or without assistive devices such as a walker or cane.

Private Duty Nursing and Physical Therapy

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Provides medical care to an individual in home where a more intensive assessment is needed ie. medication administration, medication pre-pour, vital sign recording/monitoring, diabetic management, postoperative care, etc.

Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential including prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. They evaluate and determine the types of rehabilitation necessary to regain muscle strength, ambulation, upper body mobility and use of assistive devices if necessary. Develop a plan; instruct client, caregivers and other supportive personnel to perform the designed program.

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