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Medical Home Care

Medical Home Care Services

Medical related Home Care begins when an individual is recovering from illness, suffering from chronic conditions or coping with terminal illness and receives services in the security and comfort of their home surrounded by family, friends, pets and cherished items.

Each of our professional licensed and certified home care employees are screened with diligence to ensure employment of skilled and competent staff. We exceed the standards required by the State of Connecticut for home health care agencies. All applicants must participate in a pre-employment drug screen, Federal and State background check, fingerprinting, physical screening and competency testing. Upon completion of these requisites, the employee then attends a thorough orientation. Our orientation process includes familiarization of company policies, skill and knowledge review and demonstration of the duties they will provide to our clients. Orientation is facilitated by a registered nurse.

Through the course of employment employees providing medical Home Care services are required to attend 12 hours of inservice education in addition to continuous competency evaluation and skill observation.

Therapy service contractors meet strict professional qualifications and are under the supervision of an Agency Clinical Supervisor. Each therapist participates in and meets required State, Federal and Joint Commission regulatory requirements.

Skilled Nursing

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Take on the role of Case Manager. They are assigned to a client upon admission, complete the initial assessment, and follow the client’s progress and supervise the home health aide.

Administer medications to a client who is unable to safely take the correct dosage. Assess for side effects and effective medication result. Monitor changes in medications and maintain contact with physicians. Some clients may only need weekly pre pouring and assessment of compliance to the medication scheduled. Others may need daily or twice daily administration.

For those clients unable to inject themselves with medication, our skilled nurses will perform injections as prescribed by their physician.

Assessment, observation and application of wound therapy as determined by the type of wound and under the direction of the physician.

Instruct client in a variety of disease related issues such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Teach proper nutrition, health care maintenance and prevention methods.

Home Health Aides

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Our certified, trained staff can assist the client into the shower, washing areas that cannot be reached or even a sponge bath on days we just can’t get out of bed.

Our staff assist in moving a client from their bed into a wheelchair or bedside chair into a correct posture position. It is important to ensure proper positioning in order to eliminate pressure areas on the skin, reducing atrophy and stiffening of muscles, encourages proper breathing, digestion, and elimination.

Our caregivers understand the sensitivity of this situation and approaches to care for individuals who need assistance and maintaining proper hygiene in prevention of skin breakdown. Assisting the client into the bathroom and guiding them onto and off the toilet or commode.

Assisting the client into the bathroom and guiding them onto and off the toilet or commode.

Our caregivers can assist the client with putting on Teds stockings, undergarments, clothing and footwear.

Our caregivers can prepare a meal that is tailored to the need of the individual (pureed or specialized diet) and assist with oral feeding.

Our caregivers will monitor and encourage food and liquid consumption per the request of the family or doctor. All intake will be documented.

Assist the client in performing gentle exercises to maintain joint flexibility.

Assist the client in safe transfers and ambulation with or without assistive devices such as a walker or cane.


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Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential including prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. They evaluate and determine the types of rehabilitation necessary to regain muscle strength, ambulation, upper body mobility and use of assistive devices if necessary. Develop a plan; instruct client, caregivers and other supportive personnel to perform the designed program.

Evaluate and determine the type of rehabilitation necessary to perform activities of daily living,. Occupational Therapy gives people the "skills for the job of living" necessary for "living life to its fullest.

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